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  1. Hi, been using Drivepool for a number of years. I have been using Folder duplication and setting the duplication levels on each folder manually. If i now enable Pool Duplication what will happen with the folder duplication that i have set 3x duplication? Also i am looking at replacing a few drives. what is the best procedure without causing errors? Add new drive to pool to create the pool folder Turn off Drivepool services Copy files from old Pool drive to new Turn on drivepool serivce remove old drive from pool and finally is there anyway to have the lowest nested folder to be stored on the same drive rather than spread across all drives?
  2. Pete

    cant stop balancing

    thanks i will give it a go
  3. Pete

    cant stop balancing

    just some more info, i have my folders setup like HDD1 > Movies > A > A Team > ateam.mkv for some reason its balancing by creating thumbs.db on HDD2, HDD3 etc
  4. Pete

    cant stop balancing

    Hi, i have 5 drives in my pool and i want to keep certain data on certain drives. i've disabled balancing but drivepool is constantly trying to balance data. is there anywhere else i need to turn it off
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