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Drivepool reporting wrong number of pooled drives?



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Oops. That's definitely a bug, then.


Though, are all of these "disks" definitely different disks (and not mutliple partitions on one or more disks?


Either way, could you upload a memory dump of "DrivePool.Service.exe" and "DrivePool.UI.exe" via this link?



Also, would you see if this behavior is still present in the newest beta?


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Just loaded the latest x64 beta (468) and the problem above is fixed (I have 9 drives in the pool and 9 are listed)


To date: pleased with your product and it's brother Scanner.  Of the 20 disks in my previous Drivebender pool, I had 7 damaged disks and no way to know this unless I accessed the data.


Not sure where to post this either - but I'm finding that Drivebender's way of duplication (via hidden folder with folder.duplicate.something) makes the file name often way too long to copy over.  Win8.1 throws fits at a number of my nested folders deep inside these duplicates forcing me to go all the way down, find the file, and then manually copy it over.  


Not sure how you guys do your duplication...just throwing that out there.

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