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Scanner hasn't done anything in over 3 years?


I guess I've been busy...

I am using the "free" time I have during the Covid-19 stay-at-home isolation to do some cleanup and replace (upgrade) some drives on my WHS 2011 server.  So in checking the scanner tab in the dashboard all disks are reported as having no issues.  But when I click on individual drives, the messages below say:

- surface was checked/defect free as of 1/17/2017 for most disks - but some date back to November or December of 2016

- all of the known file systems checked/healthy

- on disk SMART not predicting any failures (well for the 4 drives in the server BOX, the 4 drives in the external box (RocketRaid 642L SATA COntroller) don't report anything for SMART or temperature.  I seem to recall reading that was normal?

So I started scanning about 20 minutes ago.  My 250GB boot drive is roughly half done and a 4TB in the external box is 3% done.  I just read another message that said a 4 TB drive will take 16 hours?  Yikes.


But - why hasn't the Scanner done anything since Dec 2016/Jan 2017?  I checked my settings and don't see anything that would stop auto scanning.  The server runs 24/7 - doesn't sleep (something I need to look into). So is something not working properly or do I need to change some settings somewhere?

Let me know if you need any specifics on settings or if there are log files somewhere that might help figure this out.


Stay Safe & thanks


UPDATE: Just checked back and the boot drive completed - no issues.  The 4TB is now at 5% done - but the dashboard screen seems to be frozen?  Doesn't say "Not Responding" at the top - but the % are not changing and the "Performance" graph isn't changing.  PC isn't locked up - so going to let it sit.  Is this normal behaviour?  

Should I be stopping any services or doing anything to the server so this will run unimpeded/faster? 

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8 hours ago, Umfriend said:

Got some screenprints of your setup? Does it say "Automatic Scanning Enabled" right to the right of Start check and Stop check?

The WHS 2011 dashboard is still frozen, but I can see in the resource monitor the scanner running and which drives it is scanning. When I checked last night it was still on the 2 - 4 TB drives, one in the server one in the external box. No idea what percentage is complete since the dashboard is locked up. 

 Any ideas if I kill the dashboard in TaskManager and restart it, does that affect the scanner running? I would assume the scanner would keep running and hopefully the dashboard will report the current status  in the scanner tab? 

 As for your question, I went through all the settings and everything looked the way it should be, automatic scanning, nothing disabled. Between the server and my external box I have about 30 TB of drives to scan,  so assuming the scan I started the other day is going to run for a while

 Thanks for the assistance. 

 And I didn’t scope out the status of Covecube,  but is Drivepool and Scanner still actively supported? 


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I was replying from my iphone - but couldn't log into my account - so had to create a new one.  Replied several hours ago - but just found out that since I didn't validate the other email address, it didn't post my reply - until now #$%#@

Update:  The Resource monitor now shows the 2 Scanner.service.exe items actively scanning 2 different disks than yesterday - but the Dashboard is still stuck where it's been since Friday night.

Note: I'm logging into the desktop on the server directly - and all else is working fine - IE: WHS is not locked up.  I was able to watch a few movies last night w/o any issues as well - so I'm going to let it run.  I'm wondering if I kill the Dashboard in task manager - and start that program again, if it will then show the status updated in the Scanner tab?

Can't do screenshots of the settings since the Dashboard is not responding though...tempted to kill it...but don't want to kill the scanning.  BUT: to the right of the "start check" and "stop check" buttons - the button is: "Start / stop automatically"

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Update: The scan finished late Monday (Scanner activity gone from Resource monitor)..  Dashboard still locked up - so killed it and restarted it.  Scanner tab shows all scanned, all good.  But then BSOD shortly after. Fluke?  After I rebooted the server - hasn't been any issues since.   

So I'll watch to see if/when it scans again "automatically".  I'll have to checkout the settings to see when it should scan again though...don't recall.  Hopefully this isn't a recurring thing?

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On 4/13/2020 at 1:27 AM, puulima said:

 BUT: to the right of the "start check" and "stop check" buttons - the button is: "Start / stop automatically"

t may be you actually want to press that button. It may then say "Automatic Scanning Enabled". Then you are good to go.

It should scan again according to: Settings -> Scanner settings .-> Scanner.

DP and Scanner are still actively supported and they are developing other stuff. It's just that they don;t come round these forums much as I see it. For actual support one can contact them through https://stablebit.com/Contact.

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