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less disks more space?


Hey, I have a setup with like a four  3 TB Drives mirrored. and a few 2 TB disks

I was wondering since one of them failed and i have a total of 12 disks.... (Yes, my rig is too full)

Can I replace 2x3 TB disks with one 6TB disk for now... and then at some point change another set of 2x3 TB disk when i have some more $$$




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well I have always just bought pairs off drives... 

I am carfeull with how drivepool works and if it have any quirks... I have used this for years now, but have not really paid to much attention to it in the last 2-3 years, so i just dont remember if there is anything i have to be carefull about.

I just have to many disk that are getting older... Need to reduce disks and replace the one that seems damaged


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