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Duplication x2?


I have my DrivePool set up for duplication x2.  Just for clarification does that mean each file is then duplicated twice (i.e. three copies of the file)?  If I only want one other copy of the file do I set duplication to x1?


Additionally, if I've already set duplication to x2 (and it's the two additional copies as questioned above) and THEN I changed duplication to x1 - what happens?  Does Drivepool delete the third copy?



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The x# is the total number of copies of the file that exist on the pool. And by "copies", x1 means only one "copy" of the file, so that if a drive fails, you will lose data. x2 means that the is a copy of the file on two different drives, x3, three drives, etc.


And if you change the duplication status, during the next pass, it will scan the pool and delete un-needed duplicates as necessary. As well as copy files to another disk, as needed.

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