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I have a zombie soft link.


Once upon a time, I had a soft link inside my Drivepool folder structure.

It was pointing to a folder on a disk outside my Drivepool, that couldn't be migrated to the actual Drivepool without a great deal of reconfiguration and effort.

The soft link has since been deleted, and replaced with the actual target folder that the link used to point to.

Problem is, Drivepool keeps replacing the folder with the resurrected symlink (since they both have the same name.)

I've tried deleting it, permanently deleting it (skipping recycle bin,) moving it first before deleting it.

No matter what I try, if I create a folder where the soft link used to be, it will turn back into a softlink when I reboot my computer.

Drivepool has moved to a new computer, and this problem followed it to the new computer.

The only thing I can think is there's some sort of corrupted entry in Drivepool's metadata / reparse points.

Is there a way to rebuild / repair Drivepool's metadata? Or Do I need to move all of my data out of Drivepool and create a new pool from scratch?

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