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How to encrypt an existing Cloud Drive?


As per title.  I have various Cloud Drives based on OneDrive.  I did not enable encryption when I first created the CDs assuming I can enable later on given that encryption works on the data not on the container.

 I guess it is not programmed that way and I will need destroy all CDs, re-create them and re-upload all data? But asking just in case I can avoid this headache.

On a related note do I have to provide the same H key to all the clouddrives?  I have them pooled into a DrivePool.


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You could use a more traditional file encryption tool to encrypt the files that are on your drive, if you wanted. Though the net effect is that all of the data will need to be downloaded, encrypted, and then uploaded again in its new encrypted format. That's really true no matter what method you used. Even if you could, hypothetically, encrypt a CloudDrive drive after creation, it would still need to download each chunk, encrypt it, and then upload it again.

There is no way to encrypt the chunks stored on your provider after drive creation, though. 

You do not need to use the same key. It will prompt you for a key for each drive when you attach the drive. 

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Cheers srcrist, much appreciated.

So I will destroy the existing clouddrives and start again.  I will then use the same key for the newly formed cloud drives. 

Just created a new test cloudrive with encrption and that worked just fine.  I also added that new test clouddrive to the existing (clouddrive) non encrypted drivepool and that also seem to have worked.  But I will encrypt all cloud stuff once I recreate the drives. 


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