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Access Denied to old Pool after upgrading OS





I am currently getting denied access to add any files to my current pool folders after upgrading to Windows Server 2012 from Windows Home Server 2011.


I have tried Windows Server Solutions Troubleshooter (http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Utilities), and it says it does not support my operating system and cannot reset my NTFS permissions.


So what am I supposed to do?


I have seen other people say this fixed it for them on Windows Server 2012, yet for me it just wont work.


I can still browse all the folders and play media files e.t.c, I have also noticed it is only half of my folders which have problems, half of them allow me to create/modify and half dont, yet they all have the exact same permissions.


I am denied access to change owner or any permissions whatsoever.

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You may have to Take Ownership of the files first.


check replace owner on subcontainers and objects

As I said, I am denied access to change owner or any permissions what so ever.


However the Owner already shows as Administrators/Servername so theoretically should be fine.



This version starts to work, then gets the error


"Fix was not successfully applied, Access is denied"


I am utterly baffled why nothing can get past whatever is denying access.


The funny thing is I just installed a trial version of Server 2012 Essentials and when i go into the folder the first time it pops up saying it will take over the folder and then it works flawlessly.

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