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Folders disappearing via SMB/Samba on Mac OS X



I'm copying files to/from my drivepool using a mac and i've run into a rather annoying problem, every single time I create a folder with the mac... the folder disappears instantly...

The folder is there and it is created via the mac... it just does not show up on the mac, if I go to the parent folder with a pc, the folder is there.

I can make the folders appear by disconnecting the network connection and reconnecting, but it's becoming incredibly tedious...


I saw a post about disabling smb caching and I did the registry key thing and restarted, but it's still the same.

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Has there been any development or resolution to this?  At first I thought it was just a SMB issue on windows and mac os, but after finding this thread, I tested it against other non drivepool hard drives in my server and all is working fine with those. On any share that is connected to my drivepool through my mac os (monterrey on this machine), the files disappear immediately after copying them over. They are confirmed to actually be on the drivepool when i check my windows server or when I unmount and remount the SMB share through Mac OS but this creates a real issue for applications that can perform scheduled backup/synchronizations because drivepool isn't being reported as its actual size as it appears in windows. This only happens under mounting it through the network share SMB on mac os. I cant get any other file protocols such as NFS or AFS working correctly. I do creative work and need to be able to use the new m1 macs for the horsepower but I love my drivepool and would love to be able to use it for my normal data backup processes.

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