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  1. So last night I moved my server into a new chassis and when I powered up the machine, everything worked fine... When I started up drivepool, the drivepool shows that half the pool is used (it's supposed to be 80%) and my plex server can't find the files, even though they're there in folders... Is there a way to tell drivepool to completely rescan the disks and rebuild?
  2. I'm copying files to/from my drivepool using a mac and i've run into a rather annoying problem, every single time I create a folder with the mac... the folder disappears instantly... The folder is there and it is created via the mac... it just does not show up on the mac, if I go to the parent folder with a pc, the folder is there. I can make the folders appear by disconnecting the network connection and reconnecting, but it's becoming incredibly tedious... I saw a post about disabling smb caching and I did the registry key thing and restarted, but it's still the same.
  3. I'm trying to remove a drive from my pool and this application SERIOUSLY needs an "unattended" option. I'm trying to remove a 4tb drive that's pretty much full, so I understand that it's going to take time, but it's going to take forever if I have to keep restarting it. I've ticked all the boxes and it still keeps stopping. Can we not set it to keep going unless it reaches the end or the power goes out?
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