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USB3 at USB2 speeds


Hi folks,

I'm not sure what update changed things, but somewhere along the way I lost SMART on my USB2 ProBoxs, and my USB3 (H82-SU3S2) ProBox slowed to USB2 speeds.  I found a few posts here about re-enabling unsafe DirectIO to get SMART reading working again, but I can't find any new info on the USB3 problem.

Previously in SB Scanner, the Bus Speed (Disk details) of a drive in the USB2 enclosures would be ~86 MB/s and drives in the USB3 enclosure would have been ~600 (I think).  Now they all read as ~86.  I didn't ever write down the Bus Speed of the USB3 enclosure, but I was checking those numbers to set balancing rules in DrivePool, so they were different in the past.

UsbTreeView shows the H82-SU3S2 connected over USB3, but transfers are SLOW now.  No drivers have changed, only Windows security updates are allowed to install.  Did anything change in DrivePool or Scanner?

 - Kip


StableBit Scanner
StableBit DrivePool
Microsoft Windows NT 6.3.9600.0


New development, now the H82-SU3S2 has started disconnecting from the PC once or twice a day.  Unplugging and re-plugging in the USB cable to a different port gets it back into the pool.

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Sounds like the H82-SU3S2 might be having hardware problems. :(


Also, in StableBit Scanner, you can run the "burst test" on the drives, and see what the max throughput is.  Also, you can check what the connection type/speed is for the drives in the disk details. 

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