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  1. I see this same thing with a SK Hynix SC311 SATA SSD. SMART details say it has never been over 44C but every once and a while I'll get an alert from Scanner that it's overheating. Looking at the history of text messages the temp is always either 127c or 63c, so I feel safe assuming it's just be a SMART glitch or bug. I've set the max temp override in Disk Settings to 130c.. problem solved LOL I run an old version of Scanner for compatibility with an old USB enclosure, so I've never bothered submitting it to CoverCube.
  2. Hi folks, I'm not sure what update changed things, but somewhere along the way I lost SMART on my USB2 ProBoxs, and my USB3 (H82-SU3S2) ProBox slowed to USB2 speeds. I found a few posts here about re-enabling unsafe DirectIO to get SMART reading working again, but I can't find any new info on the USB3 problem. Previously in SB Scanner, the Bus Speed (Disk details) of a drive in the USB2 enclosures would be ~86 MB/s and drives in the USB3 enclosure would have been ~600 (I think). Now they all read as ~86. I didn't ever write down the Bus Speed of the USB3 enclosure, but I was check
  3. Thanks Drashna, So after some further reading, I think I'm suffering from the suboptimal SATA error recovery problem, as talked about here -> https://superuser.com/questions/954262/why-do-damaged-hard-drives-freeze-the-entire-system Without moving off SATA to SAS, I'm I correct that I could limit this issue if I used only NAS grade SATA drives that have ERC?
  4. I've noticed DrivePool gets stuck some times if the disk it's trying to read from has a problem. I'm currently looking at Windows Events 7 & 153, the first read error was at 1:52pm and it is now 2:30pm and the Event log keeps writing new 153s and 7s. The DrivePool GUI is hung, the Disk Management snap-in won't load, and other machines on the network can't read or write to the share of this pool. My question is, why can't DrivePool give up and read from the other copy of the file? I'm sure the Scanner would eventually tell me I have a bad drive and I could deal with it, but neither D
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