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Disaster recovery question - hypothetical



Just a hypothetical question as this has not yet happened but I need to understand this so that I can set up correctly.


I have a windows 8.1 desktop with 2 x 2TB and 2 x 4TB linked to the SATA connectors on my desktop motherboard and 8 x 2 TB discs connected by eSATA through port multiplier connected to my desktop eSATA connector.  So that’s 12 discs in total and I have file duplication set.


Now if my desktop motherboard and/or operating system completely fail, can I just buy a new PC and then plug by pool discs into any SATA connectors available on it, install Stablebit on the PC and the pool will be instantly recognised and usable?


What I am asking I guess is whether it matters how the pool discs are reconnected to the new motherboard, i.e. BIOS settings and IRQ info an all that or is this all transparent to stable bit?


Thank in advance for any advice

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Specifically, the data and the pool metadata are stored on normal NTFS volumes. As long as the computer can read the drives, then DrivePool will recognize the disks are part of a pool.


And actually, for testing, I have one set of pooled disks that I just move between systems. I've never had any issues with them doing that.

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