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External drive enclosure

Pål Andreassen


My Drive Pooled WHS2011 is running out of storage space. I already have all 8 sata ports in use and instead of upgrading my existing disks (already 1-3 TB) I'm looking into adding one or more external drive enclosures.


I've been looking at the ICE Box 4-disk enclosures from raidsonic that are quite cheap:



Anyone have any experience using these or similar products? I'm quessing that if I connect it via eSata and configure it as JOBD WHS2011 will be able to see each HDD individually and just it in the pool. Anyone can confirm this?


Anyone using external enclosures and can recomment one that's tried and tested?

When you can choose between eSata, Firewire and USB 3. That's the "best" to use regarding both speed, stability and if possible SMART support for StableBit scanner?

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I recently bought 2 Lian-Li Ex-503 - 5 Bay.

Very pleased so far. Good cooling and reasonable quiet. However fan is not temperature-controlled - not an issue at all as it is running silent.


To see all your drives in the external closure your e-sata-interface needs to support "Port multiplying" - otherwise you only see the first disk.

This is no issue via USB - however many reports out there enclosures getting disconnected with heavy load on USB. USB tends to be somehow unreliable.


Cannot tell anything about Firewire or WHS, but JBOD normally gives one big drive. Maybe JBOD on WHS is something different - don`t know.

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