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Drivepool Hangs and Hangs Norton?


So, this is new.  System starting hanging quite a bit and I don't have a problem reinstalling windows so I did.

But despite about 15 different installs now, Drivepool is still causing my Norton Antivirus to hang on scans as well as all basic Explorer functions. 

Here's how I've isolated it (over the past few days)

1. Clean install Windows 10 fully patched to 1809

2. Install Norton, updated - clean scan without hang

3. Install Chipset drivers - clean scan without hang

4. Connect all drives - clean scan without hang

5. Individually, chkdsk each drive, individually scan each drive and all files - no hang

6. Install Drivepool, won't actually load services and then Norton hangs on various files (it changes each time)

7. Now reboots are not clean (it won't reboot or shutdown without a hard turn off the power).

8. Uninstall Drivepool or disconnect all the drives that Drivepool is trying to read - clean reboot and Norton doesn't hang.

So I can only surmise it's something in the driver/software that Drivepool is using to connect the drives that causes this.

(Oh and I've tested both the released version and the beta - which BTW, the beta numbering is odd - you are normally sequential and this time you jumped quite a bit)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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As a follow up, I must have reloaded Windows 35 times in the past few days.  On this go round this is what I did:

1. Clean Install of  Windows, fully patched

2. Install Norton - run scan - no hang/clean

3. Install Chipset drivers - run scan - no hang/clean

4. Insert each of 10 drives individually, scan for errors (chkdsk) then scan via Norton - no hang/clean 

5. Finally, after all 10 drives are scanned, clean and error free, I install DrivePool beta (latest).  It hangs on install (see image) and now Norton hangs on scan.

What gives?






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I have similar problem. For past few days divepool just hangs on me. Especially during trying to open the UI. I have no Norton AV so it has to be sth different. I have now tried to restart the service but it hung with "stopping" message. I had no issues for the past years using the drivepool. I don't recall any new updates to the I have installed DP recently. No idea what to do to narrow down the issue. I'll try to reinstall to saome older version maybe.

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Okay, an update.

For the record, it's not Drivepool, exactly.

I switched to Storage Spaces with a x3 mirror (BAD DECISION).  Everything was perfect and then woke up and the entire drive was not formatted.  Lost about 6TB of data.  Not happy.

Had to go back to Drivepool.  Now, my previous pool (which was still on the drives) had some funky folder sizes - like over 8gb for a coves folder (I'm guessing where DP maps everything).  And, everytime I would install DP no matter the version, it would hang on loading service, it would wonk out my Norton, it would lock up my system from uninstalling, etc. Very annoying.

So, on a clean system, I took my previous drives and then via Treesize went in and deleted all traces of the PoolPart folders/covevs while leaving my data there.  Did that for about 10 drives or so.  Installed DP, loaded perfectly, did nothing to Norton. Rebooted cleanly, etc.  

So, as far as I can tell, somehow my previous pool got corrupted and then any new pool would jank everything up.  (as an example, multiple coveFS folders had over 1,000,000 separate files in them and were stubborn to delete)

To Chris/Drashna, a neat option (that to a non-programmer seems easy) would be to have Drivepool prompt, "Previous Pool detected, would you like to import?"  Then we can say NO!

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Well, mostly the "CoveFS" folder stores info about reparse points.   So, it may be that Norton was getting stuck in a loop. 

Also, re-enabling the "bypass file system filters" option may have fixed the issue that you were having.

As for importing, I'm not sure about that. Though, if you move the files out of the "poolpart" folders on each disk, it will accomplish that, actually. 


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