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How many data streams are involved in balancing/removal?


I ask because I noticed that with the remove action, transfer speeds are slow while active time is high. This is weird to me as transfering regularly to the drive is multiple times faster with less usage often. Is there something else at play apart from simply transferring the files in the background? Are multiple files being transferred at once? If so, is there a way to change this?


I have been previously advised to try setting the background IO priorities  to false, and this is with that in place so I can only imagine this is the only way transfers could remain at this speed


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Would it be possible to maybe speed up the process by removing things in batches rather than doing everything at once resulting in what I assume is thrashing?

Of course doing that is probably complex, and I assume its not just one hidden setting, but I assume it does things like checking whether or not files copied correctly, status etc, and perhaps transferring a few then doing all the secondary things would greatly improve the speed. 

Sort of like: 

5 Copy > 5 Checks > Repeat

instead of

1 Copy + 1 Check > Repeat

Where copying separately allows the drive to transfer at nearer to its full speed of ~200MBS vs ~30MBs

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