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Discrepancy with file sizes



Hi, I recently had a drive failure; I replaced the drive and reduplicated everything, and everything looks good. However, because of this I am now scrutinizing things more closely and so I don't know if what I'm observing is new or old behavior.

I noticed that the Windows Explorer Properties window (right click->Properties) gives different numbers for Used Space, depending on what is selected.

  1. Properties on the pool P: drive shows 11.0 TB used
  2. Properties on P:\ServerFolders shows 2.84 TB used; 336,657 Files, 173 Folders
  3. Properties on the contents of P:\ServerFolders shows 4.19 TB used; 425,831 Files, 4,696 Folders

The only item on P: outside of P:\ServerFolders is a Backblaze folder containing 5 kilobytes worth of data. My pool has 2x duplication across the board.

The DrivePool UI shows 9.05 TB duplicated and 2.00 TB Other, so adding those up I guess about equals the Properties window for drive P:.

I'm confused on the difference between #2 and #3. It almost seems like a bug with Windows Explorer, but since drive P: is a virtual CoveCube device it makes me wonder if DrivePool is reporting back bad or incomplete statistics to Windows.

As a separate issue, the Other amount sure seems high. I do have several folders with a huge number of 8 MB files in them (totaling 335,000 of these files), so maybe each file has a bit of wasted space on disk, but could that really add up to 2 TB of Other data? And these numbers were taken after remeasuring the pool.

What do you think, does this all look normal and correct?  Thanks!

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The Properties window in Explorer is problematic.  It can take a while to compute the entire contents.  And it can take a while to get that full list. 

You would be better off using something like WinDirStat, WizTree or the like to get an accurate representation of the data on the pool. 


As for the other data: 


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