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Good Morning - 

I'm a long time DrivePool & Scanner user and love the pair of apps which I use in my home lab.  Just wanted to ask a quick question, please.  I'm wrapping up designing a Grafana dashboard for my lab PCs which gets its data from InnoDB which in turn is populated by both telegraf and open hardware monitor. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find a good source for performance of individual disks - just basics for logical ones which obviously doesn't help with a pool.

Just wanted to post and ask where exactly Scanner pulls its disk stats from - especially "Performance", "Drive Activity %,", & "Temp".  If you can't share, I understand, but assume it's specific WMI paths.



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We pull the info from the performance counters in Windows, actually. 

To that point, in some cases, we've had to reset them to get performance to show:

Also, StableBit Scanner does expose some info to WMI.  You can look at phpsysinfo for details on what it exposes, actually. 

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