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IO operation was retried...


So, I have 4, 8 bay enclosures with their own PSU to support my Pool.  Lately, I've been paying more attention to Event viewer and realized that all the errors are coming from one port/drive bay not a drive (as I originally thought).

The error is : The IO operation at logical block address 0x15461528 for Disk 5 (PDO name: \Device\000000a5) was retried.

Now...I'm not getting any NTFS errors that say there's corruption on the drive or anything.  But can someone smarter than me tell me if this is something I should worry about?  Should I remove the drive from that bay and leave it empty?  Or can it be ignored like some Distributed Com errors that I see on every single computer build I do?


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This is pretty normal, actually. 

It means that something tried to read at that location on disk 5, and it errored out.  

This can be completely benign or an indication of issues.  It's hard to know just based off of that. 

Also, if the disk 5 is the pool drive, this can be ignored, as this is normal (there are no blocks on the pool drive, so it will always error out)

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