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Google Drive slow



I work with high bitrate 1000fps vídeos, i Store them in clouddrive with Google Drive, but when i play one it starts downloading fast but later it goes slow.

The same when i copy a large file from the Drive to my computer, it starts downloading at 70-80MB/sec and after a while it goes to 4-5 MB/sec 

I have 10 threads up and down, threshold 1mb or 5 min, 1mb mínimum download size, and prefetching with these values

Trigger 1MB

Fordward 150 MB

Time window 3600 seconds 

And 300gb caché not limited 

How can i improve the config for vídeos? I have a 1000Mb Internet conection and i don't reach the 750gb daily limit of Google Drive 

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Your prefetcher settings are effectively useless, and your minimum download is far too low. Your upload threads are probably too high as well. 

Change your minimum download to 20MB, drop your upload threads to no more than 5. Use more reasonable prefetcher settings like a 20MB trigger in 10 seconds with a 500MB prefetch. 

All of that should make a huge difference. 

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As @srcrist has said.  Change the settings to: 

Download Threads: 10
Minimum Download Size: 20MB
Prefetch Trigger: 5MB
Prefetch Forward: 150MB
Prefetch Time Window: 30s

Also, feel free to play with these values.  Though, don't increase the time window (this is how long you have to read the "trigger" amount, so shorter is better), and the forward should be 75-85% of "Download Threads" x "Min Download Size" (this way, it should grab a lot of data in parallel, but not so much that it bottleneck's CloudDrive from doing anything else for that drive). 

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