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Not properly interpreting Kingston A400 SSD Smart data

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Most of the important fields come up as unknown, so it's not able to determine how much life is left.

Model: Kingston SA400S37240G

Bitflock ID: 4FUVYYWO

Drive datasheet: https://www.kingston.com/datasheets/SA400S37_us.pdf


Was recently added to smartmontools if the info there helps you at all: https://www.smartmontools.org/ticket/801


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Well, glad I asked you to add it ...it must have refreshed on its own since I just got an email that disk has 1% life left.  Kinda wish I hadn't installed the OS on it now.



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Wait...are we sure that's right?


It says 1% life left. But also says life time writes is only 391GB, average erase count 2 and max erase count 5. And power on time only 11 days

 Either some of those numbers are off, or this is an even crappier SSD than I thought it was.

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I'm seeing the same issue, I woke up to a 1% life left notification (total writes of ~4.16TB) that sent me into a panic before I realized it was a garbage warning.

Model: Kingston SA400S37480G

Bitflock ID: L7QLBP10

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Ok, I think I see what's happening here.

I had a brand new fresh out of the package drive of the same model to test - on the brand new drive, it seems to interpret everything properly - it matches what CrystalDiskInfo and Kingston's own SSD Toolkit show.

But on my older drive, it where it says 1% life left, it's wrong.

Kingston's SSD Manager shows SSD Wear Indicator at 100% for the brand new drive, and 99% for the older one.

CrystalDiskInfo shows a raw hex value for attribute E7 of 64 for the new drive, 63 for the old drive - that's equivelent to 100 and 99 in decimal. But CrystalDiskInfo shows the current value as 100 for the new disk and 1 for the old disk.  Attached is a screenshot of all 3 programs.


I think both Stablebit Scanner and CrystalDiskInfo are interpreting the value wrong.  It looks like the raw value is the actually % life left, starting at 100 and counting down, not the normalized way many SMART values are interpreted.

Kingston's SSD Manager interprets the value correctly.



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