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  1. Thanks, after reading your reply, I reread the description on the DrivePool page and realize how they handle queries (queries multiple drives at once and presents a combined list). Going through the advanced settings wiki, upping the CoveFs_AsyncFindFilesThreads parameter might give me a bit of a boost.
  2. I'm curious if (and how if so) DrivePool caches directory and file information instead of looking at the disks? For context I have a 24 HDD drive pool (>210TB) that has x2 duplication enabled for the entire set. Used as a media server to store video. The OS (Windows Server 2019) and any programs are on SSDs (SATA or NVMe) and the system has 8GB of RAM (supposed to be 16GB, error I need to investigate) and SB Scanner. I've always been hesitant to move audio, books, and comics over to the pool because of potentially how long it would take to scan such a large number of smaller files across the pool. Right now those files live on a mirrored Storage Pool (SSDs) on my other server (everything is reachable with SMB and DFS). If the file and directory info is cached in memory or a db that's great and worth testing, if not, is there anything I can do as a user to increase performance?
  3. I'm seeing the same issue, I woke up to a 1% life left notification (total writes of ~4.16TB) that sent me into a panic before I realized it was a garbage warning. Model: Kingston SA400S37480G Bitflock ID: L7QLBP10
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