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[BUG REPORT] DrivePool reports wrong available capacity with files that reserve space



I ihink that I might have encountered a bug in DrivePool behavior when using torrent. Here shown on 5x1TB pool.


When on disk (that is a part of Pool) is created a new file that reserve X amount of space in MFT but does not preallocate it, DrivePool adds that X amount of space to total space avaliable on this disk. 

DrivePool is reporting correct HDD capacity (931GB) but wrong volume (larger than possible on particular HDD).


To be clear, that file is not created "outside" of pool and then moved onto it, it is created on virtual disk (in my case E:\Torrent\... ) on that HDD where DrivePool decide to put it.





Reported capacity goes back to normal after deleting that file:


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It's not really a bug.

If I interpreted it correctly, you're seeing "size" and "size on disk".   If so, .... that's where a lot of issues come up.  And we report the way we do, because it's the best option, that has the least number of "odd issues".  We've tried a number of different ways to report and display the information, and we've run into numerous .... anomalies.   

And in the tooltip, you may note that it actually refers to this. 

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