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Rob Manderson

Reformatted Drives not appearing in the Non-Pooled list


I was seeing extremely long duplication times in my new server (much much longer than in the older machine that died - we're talking a week to duplicate about 500 MB). 

So I bought 4 new 4TB drives and a new enclosure (this was the perfect excuse).  Copied the entire contents of the old pool to a new pool.  The intention was to reformat the older drives, create a new pool using them and copy the data back, then add the new drives to the recreated pool and end up with a much larger pool.

So I took the new pool offline to reduce mistakes.  Stopped the DrivePool service, uninstalled drive pool and rebooted.  Then I did an NTFS quick format of each of the original drives.  Reinstalled DrivePool, brought the newer pool back online and sure enough, DrivePool sees the newer pool and all it's data.  But it does not see the older drives.  StableBit scanner can see them but they do not appear in the non-pooled list.  Nor does the old pool appear in the list of pools visible to DrivePool in the UI.

The drives appear in Disk Manager and are Basic volumes.  Is there some metadata hanging around from the earlier install before I reformatted the drives that DrivePool is using to exclude the volumes from the non-pooled list?



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Aha!  Found a hint to the answer on about page 86 of this forum.  I deleted the volume and created a new one and voila - there the new drive is in the non-pooled section.  I think volume id's are the culprit!

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