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"Unsafe shutdown" after restart?



Hi Folks,

Just installed CloudDrive and it worked a treat uploading about 280 GB of a Macrium backup to Google Drive. Also updated an incremental file of around 25 GB today on a second run of the backup. However, I then shut down the PC since I was working somewhere else and when I restarted I had a note about an unsafe shutdown and that CloudDrive was now going to re-upload the cache.

The only thing that could perhaps be causing a problem is the fact that the cache is currently located on a disk that is, directly following a boot, encrypted with BitLocker. I typically unlock this disk manually after booting. Could this cause CloudDrive to encounter a problem since it can't access the cache directory immediately after boot?

If this is probably the problem, then it's no biggie since I'm installing a new disk anyway for caching and this will not be locked (since the backups are all encrypted anyway). But I thought I'd check.

Looking fwd to your reply, the software itself seems to work incredibly well otherwise.

One more thing: after I clear the messages in the app (shown as pop-up messages at top left), where can I find these messages again - are they logged anywhere?



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