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  1. Hi Folks, I have some long uploads that take a day or so to complete. Normally, Windows will sleep after my set time (e.g. 30 minutes) and everything then stops, so my upload starts again only when I use the PC again. This is not ideal. At the moment, I'm using a utility called "Coffee_FF" to stop Windows sleeping if network traffic is higher than a threshold. Is there a better way? Could this feature not be added to CloudDrive? It would be really useful. Cheers, Ed
  2. Thanks Christopher for this reply and your support, all fine so far now - M.2 will be ordered in the near future for much faster, unlocked, caching :=)
  3. Hi Folks, Just installed CloudDrive and it worked a treat uploading about 280 GB of a Macrium backup to Google Drive. Also updated an incremental file of around 25 GB today on a second run of the backup. However, I then shut down the PC since I was working somewhere else and when I restarted I had a note about an unsafe shutdown and that CloudDrive was now going to re-upload the cache. The only thing that could perhaps be causing a problem is the fact that the cache is currently located on a disk that is, directly following a boot, encrypted with BitLocker. I typically unlock this disk manually after booting. Could this cause CloudDrive to encounter a problem since it can't access the cache directory immediately after boot? If this is probably the problem, then it's no biggie since I'm installing a new disk anyway for caching and this will not be locked (since the backups are all encrypted anyway). But I thought I'd check. Looking fwd to your reply, the software itself seems to work incredibly well otherwise. One more thing: after I clear the messages in the app (shown as pop-up messages at top left), where can I find these messages again - are they logged anywhere? Cheers, Ed
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