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  1. I have a pool with 3 drives and file duplication turned on (2x). - drive D: 2.4 TB duplicated - drive E: 3.31 TB duplicated - drive F: 2.03 TB duplicated The duplication status shows green, which would mean all files in the Drive D: poolpart folder are duplicated on E: or F:. If I remove D: from the pool. Drivepool will will move 100% of the files from D: to either E: or F:. Drives D: and F: are on the same machine so will have the fastest transfer speed. To remove D, file movement required: If files on D&E - removal causes files to move from D or E -> F If files on D&F - removal causes files to move from D or F -> E If files on E&F - no movement needed Would it speed things up if disabled drivepool service, then manually copied all of the folders from the drive D: PoolPart folder over to the drive F: PoolPart folder so that it won't try to use the E: to F: path during removal? Or is the removal process smart enough to know which drives have faster transfer speeds? Or am I just asking for trouble? Thanks.
  2. I'm having trouble resizing drives. I go through the resize dialog, but it shows the yellow bar and "resizing" continuously. It does show upload and download activity in the clouddrive panel. It's a 2TB drive being shrunk to 1TB and has been running for almost 24 hours at ~20mbit/s up and 10mbit/s down. How long should I let it keep running? The resizes I've done in the past have taken only a few minutes max. Thanks.
  3. Following. Been having same problem for a few days now. (related to a recent update?) After it runs with the OP's screen for a while it eventually stops and removes itself from the list of drives in the clouddrive interface.
  4. On further analysis, I can't figure out why this pool is reporting as full to the OS. To get out of the woods, I simply added a 4th drive to the pool with plenty of space. I'm still not able to copy data to the pool drive. To review: Pool is now made up of 4 drives configured to duplicate 3x. One of the pool drives is full. Since adding the 4th, nothing has rebalanced to it (I would have expected files to be moved from the full drive to the new drive). Windows explorer reports the pool drive as having 3.63 TB free. OS will not allow writes (larger than about 300Mb) to the pool drive saying that there's not enough space. Any thoughts of what's going on with this pool? Thanks.
  5. I have a pool with 3 drives configured with duplication 3x. I'm unable to put more data onto the pool. One of the drives is full. Are these 2 things related? My expectation would be that the pool would continue to allow data to be added as long as there was space on one of the drives, but with a notification saying that the data was not duplicated 3x (because one of the pool drives is full). Is my expectation wrong in that if one of the 3 pool drives is full, at 3x duplication, then the pool will report to the OS as being full? Is there a way to configure drivepool to behave as I expected? Thank you.
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