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Ordered File Placement quirk/limitation



I've discovered the Ordered File Placement (OFP) plug-in doesn't work as I was hoping...

I have disabled all the other balancers/plug-ins with only Scanner and OFP active. In OFP, I set to use all drive space except for 1GB.

It seems this causes an issue when, for example, there is still 3GB of space available on HDD1 but you attempt to copy a 4GB file to the pool. It returns a "not enough disk space" error - even though the pool has TBs of free space.

Since DrivePool is waiting until the last 1GB on HDD1, it does not automatically engage HDD2, in the pool, as the target for the 4GB file.

This would be a great plug-in (being able to sequentially add HDDs over time), if it had a bit more inbuilt smarts/logic.

Is there any chance this plug-in can be enhanced/updated?

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That's definitely a quirk in hour the software works. 

As for fixing it, I'm not sure.  I can flag it, but .... while this may sound like a simple fix, the actual code for it may be very complex.

Until then, you may just want to leave more of a buffer, so this isn't triggered, as often.  Like leave 10-20GB free. 

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Ok, as long as it's not just me doing something wrong :)

Yes, probably not an easy fix I would have guessed also. The quirk is a bit of a limitation but whether worth the effort to try and fix/change, understandably, debatable.

Instead I've opted for the compromise of not using the Ordered File Placement balancer and just use the Prevent Overfill instead. Then just adding drives to the pool, over time, since a lot of my data is static.

Thanks again.

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