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  1. Ok, as long as it's not just me doing something wrong Yes, probably not an easy fix I would have guessed also. The quirk is a bit of a limitation but whether worth the effort to try and fix/change, understandably, debatable. Instead I've opted for the compromise of not using the Ordered File Placement balancer and just use the Prevent Overfill instead. Then just adding drives to the pool, over time, since a lot of my data is static. Thanks again.
  2. Sounds good and thanks for confirming!
  3. The current method of separate modules, where we can pick and choose which options to use together gets my (very strong) vote! Jamming them all together will just create unneeded bloat for some. I would still pay a "forced" bundle price, if it gave me the option to use just the modules I need... and maybe add one or more of the others later. I'm amazed at the quality of product/s that one (I think?) developer has produced and offering for a low - as Chris says, almost impulse buy - price. Keep up the good work and bug squashing guys!
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Are there any catches to using/installing a BETA verion? I think, I read in a different thread you said they are quite stable and used quiet often. Once the next official release is available, can the BETA version be updated to the official release in the normal ways? Thanks.
  5. Wondering if anyone has had this error when attempting to remove a drive from a pool...?
  6. I've discovered the Ordered File Placement (OFP) plug-in doesn't work as I was hoping... I have disabled all the other balancers/plug-ins with only Scanner and OFP active. In OFP, I set to use all drive space except for 1GB. It seems this causes an issue when, for example, there is still 3GB of space available on HDD1 but you attempt to copy a 4GB file to the pool. It returns a "not enough disk space" error - even though the pool has TBs of free space. Since DrivePool is waiting until the last 1GB on HDD1, it does not automatically engage HDD2, in the pool, as the target for the 4GB file. This would be a great plug-in (being able to sequentially add HDDs over time), if it had a bit more inbuilt smarts/logic. Is there any chance this plug-in can be enhanced/updated?
  7. Sounds good. Thank you!
  8. No problem. While not holding my breath, if any chance of a fix/solution for BitFlock, in the the meantime, would be great. Thanks.
  9. Yes, I'd noticed in another thread that BitFlock is due for retirement. Hopefully I can have more luck for the replacement as it's a great idea. Any guess of an ETA of BitFlock's replacement?
  10. Finally got back to this and still the same issue unfortunately. Each computer updates the same nest fine but each time I update from one computer it removes the other computer from the nest. Claimed nest ID is definitely the same... screenshots attached. Only thing I can guess at, is there some glitch due to the nest ID containing a "." ?
  11. Hmmm. It's a strange on then. Both computers a newly installed Win 10. Both from scratch - no images. I'll try on a 3rd computer and see what happens...
  12. Nest ID is definitely the same - have only created one nest. And computer names are different. Is very easy to replicate. Each time I update one computer, it updates the nest but removes the other computer. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  13. Just wondering if any advice if multiple computers can be added to the same nest? Thanks.
  14. Sorry to take so long to reply... instead of trying to troubleshoot what wasn't working (most likely disabled HTTP/web service), I just set up new PC. Scan and connection now works fine, under Win 10, but have a new issue...! I have two PCs, both run and update my BitFlock nest fine. But each time I run BitFlock on one PC, it no only updates my nest but removes the other PC details. So the nest only ever shows one PC at a time. Is this normal? I thought - maybe mistakenly - each PC I run BitFlock on would update and add, not replace, to my nest's computer list and be able to see multiple computers' HDDs at once.
  15. Thanks for the effort... I tried from another PC and it worked fine. Made a claimed Nest, etc, no problem. Still doesn't work from the original PC but, since it's due for a rebuild, not worth wasting too much time on it... it is just strange that it shouldn't work for no apparent reason. My only guess would be, it may be due to some of the "unnecessary" Windows services I've disabled - has never stopped anything else from functioning. Anyway, thanks again. I'll save the troubleshooting for the rebuilt PC, if needed... hopefully not!
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