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[Suggestion] Background colors for drives



Having recently added a lot of drives to my server, I'd like the ability to give them custom groupings that's indicated by background color on the main display.  Locations inside and outside the server have varying heat/power/connection properties which I'd like to easily see in groups - coloring the background for them would be the easiest way to accomplish this I think.  Just a simple RGB color definition/wheel.

It could also be used to denote drive pairings, RAID arrays, special drives you want to keep an eye on, dead drives, hot spares, etc..  whatever the user thought was useful.  I know we already have definitions for things like Case, Number, Location, Bay and so on - but this coloring would be independent of the sort/display order.


Edit:  as a sidenote related to coloring - it would be awesome to have a "dark" theme for Scanner.  Something dark grey with light/white text.  I often find myself blinded by the white themes we currently have access to.   B)

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Yeah, the colors can be blinding.... 

And I think I've had this conversation with Alex before.  The issue is that StableBit Scanner use a 3rd party UI suite, and I don't think they support a "dark" theme.  So it wouldn't be a small effort to add it. 


But yes, I'd like a "night mode" for all of our software, actually. 


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