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Ordered file placement / Drive Prioritization Request



In the ordered file placement / SSD optimizer Drive prioritization, I'd like the option to have 2 or more disks equally weighted.

I'd like the folder "cool stuff" to be equally balanced across disks 1 and 2, but if both disks are above the set threshold, start filling up drive 3.

Drive 3 is a spare that should otherwise stay empty.

Right now, to implement this feature, one disk needs to be filled at a time, which isn't ideal for snapraid (or Drivepool duplication for that matter.)


If there's a combination of plugins, or a registry hack that will make this happen let me know!

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Sorry, no, there isn't really anything like that right now.  But that should be possible to do.  


If you have experience with development/programming, we do have this:

Otherwise, I'll flag it as a feature request.

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