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Scanner Caused USB Port Malfunction?



So far, this only happened once but it was after the latest update. I ran scanner on an external WD USB 3.0 hard drive and wanted to reboot the computer to finish some Windows updates. I stopped the scan and reboot. Upon reboot, the computer gave me a USB port failure error. I checked Device Manager and it showed a warning on a USB device. The computer is a brand new Dell XPS 8920 system running Windows 10 Pro. I've had it since November last year and only use it for special purposes. So, it only has a few days of use. It has never given me any issues since the day I got it.

So, I uninstalled the driver and reboot. Both times, it was a soft reboot. Again, the same issue...port failure.

I then powered down the computer to hard reboot the system, and then it worked again.

Again, I don't use that computer often and this happened a few days ago, but I wanted to wait a little bit to see if the problem arises again but so far, I haven't been able to replicate the error. I'm hoping it was just a one-time occurance bit I still wanted to report this anyway. The updates Windows 10 did before the fault were just virus definitions for Defender. So, I really doubt that caused any issues. I'm pretty sure nothing else interfered with the operation which makes me, mostly, certain that it has something to do with Scanner.

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That's very odd.  I have a number of USB drives, and haven't seen this behavior myself. 


For now, it may be worth configuring these settings:
https://stablebit.com/Support/Scanner/2.X/Manual?Section=Scanner#Removable drives


But it sounds like this may be a driver/hardware issue, that StableBit Scanner may be triggering, as opposed to an issue that StableBit Scanner is causing. 
(eg, StableBit Scanner is not doing anything weird/unusual, but it may be a bug with the USB controller or drive that is the source of the issue and StableBit Scanner just happens to be what is triggering the issue) 

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