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License Issue After Update


I got a notification bubble today that there was a new version of Stablebit Scanner.  I tried to click, double click, and right click on it, but nothing happened.

I went to the Scanner website and it said I could simply download and install the new version over the old one.

I tried that and it said that I couldn't install it because I had another one of the product installed... Pretty much the OPPOSITE of what the scanner site said :(  I was upgrading from beta.

I uninstalled the version I had and installed the new version.  Now iI've got a "Get A License" button and everything is greyed out.  I clicked it, entered my license and it said it was activated, but the button is still there and everything is still greyed out.  I've restarted Scanner, and rebooted the computer.  No joy.



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Without having access to the License database at Covecube, the only thing I can suggest would be uninstalling the current version, re-installing the last Beta version you had installed previously, activating the license in it (if necessary) and then de-activating the license right after.  If that works, you'd then be able to uninstall the Beta and re-install the new version clean with a new activation.

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Are you using the dashboard version of StableBit Scanner?  (Eg, are you on Windows Home Server 2011, or Windows Server Essentials)? 

If so, that may be why. 

Either way, uninstall the current version, and then try installing the newer version. 


Otherwise, could you open a ticket? 

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