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[DP] Un-/Installer/Updater may be broken




today I tried to update from to (so I could extend my beta license for another 30days) and it seems the installer may be broken.

2 (maybe related) Problems:

  • First the update to .907 didn't stick (also later with trying to update from .896, it also didn't work). When installing .907 after deinstalling and deleting folders in `Program Files`, it can't start the service (error: couldn't find CoveFS).
  • Second, when uninstalling .906 it doesn't actually delete files in `Program Files`, after an restart DP just opens again, just like I didn't uninstall it. The entry in "Program and Feature" is gone though. So to really uninstall I have to remove the files in `Program Files` manually


I could upgrade from .896 to .906 though. 


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Both issues are most likely related.  It sounds like the upgrade got botched, and caused issues. That would be why both things had issues. 

In this sort of case, we have a guide for "fixing" this, usually:

However, testing this out myself, yeah, it looks like the installer it botching things up, and not upgrading things right. 

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Thanks for the reply.


Uninstall I got to work, I even could install .896 then. Which I then uninstalled also.

What I couldn't to is installing a clean .907 because  a) it couldnt start the service b.) if service started manually, the service threw an error that it couldn't find CoveFS (service I suspect)

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