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  1. Hurray, the `automount` helped! Thanks guys!
  2. Hi, I came here to ask if something changed so DP can't see unmounted drives anymore. I had all my drives unmounted for years, but now it doesn't work anymore. As soon as I assign volume letters and restart the service it sees them again. Then after reboot and unassigning them, it forgets them again. The only change on my end is, that I cloned my system disk and use a bigger SSD now (unrelated to DP). Is there anything I can do to get this feature back? Thanks
  3. uninstalled .896, installed .913, everything works
  4. Hi, true the balancing cleaned up over time. I have 2x 4TB an 1x new 6TB. but what initially triggered me to look closer at this was, that the pie chart ratios are wrongly displayed. unsuable is 4tb, free is 5tb. so unsuable<free but in the pie chart the unsuable (gray area) is way bigger than the free area (white).
  5. haha, yeah, been there, done that! at least you could fix it quickly, going to give it a try when I have to do backups this week.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Uninstall I got to work, I even could install .896 then. Which I then uninstalled also. What I couldn't to is installing a clean .907 because a) it couldnt start the service b.) if service started manually, the service threw an error that it couldn't find CoveFS (service I suspect)
  7. Hi, today I installed a new 6TB to my 8TB pool. While balancing I looked at the pie chart and it seems it's ratios are wrong. Unusuable for duplication (~4TB/gray) should be smaller than free space (5TB/white). Also actually there are no other files on this hard disk than DP, so unusable for duplication is simply wrong. Later after balancing it corrected that accordingly. But measuring was already done at that point when I took this screenshot, so it still should not be wrong Thx
  8. Hi, today I tried to update from to (so I could extend my beta license for another 30days) and it seems the installer may be broken. 2 (maybe related) Problems: First the update to .907 didn't stick (also later with trying to update from .896, it also didn't work). When installing .907 after deinstalling and deleting folders in `Program Files`, it can't start the service (error: couldn't find CoveFS). Second, when uninstalling .906 it doesn't actually delete files in `Program Files`, after an restart DP just opens again, just like I didn't uninstall it. The entry in "Program and Feature" is gone though. So to really uninstall I have to remove the files in `Program Files` manually I could upgrade from .896 to .906 though. Thx
  9. Thx Drashna, uploading troubleshooting logs right now. Disk is an intern one, afaik it's not failing/disappearing intermittently. Also I see this errors every time and always the same file path.
  10. And the files the service can't find, I can still normally open via explorer?
  11. What I don't get, HarddiskVolume15 is neither the corrosponding disk15 or volume15 in diskpart. Is the intern numbering different from the windows one?
  12. Sadly it's still not working. In my frustration I even just deleted big temp data I didn't need anymore from the hidden drivepool. So now it's just about ~7GB, but it's still not moving. I will attach a typical log from yesterday. Another question, what can I do about this error: $filepath\$filename is something I substituted for the real thing, because these are kind of sensible. This filepath has nothing to do with deleted tempdate I wrote above, btw. Thx DrivePool.Service-2017-11-26.log.zip
  13. Thx for still trying to figure this out. The drives are about 86% full, the ssd optimizer settings was on 90% OR 100MB. I now set it too 100% or 500MB. I will get back to you, if it still helps, but I suppose this wasn't the issue, unless it calculates the to be moved filesize into the limit?
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