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One large drive or multiple small drives?


Hello, I was wondering what would be a better option for backups.... One large drive or multiple smaller ones? Was anyone else considering this as well? Got any ideas?

Specifics of my case:

- using Google Drive

- I will have three "types" of files to backup, one is mostly smaller files, one is many 1MB - 10MB files and the last will be larger backups varying from 50 to 500MB per file.

- I use two computers with two CouldDrive licences, one of the types would mostly be used on one, another on second one and last would be long term archival storage. This is what lead me to the this question, if I should split it or disconnect/reconnect all the time.

Any ideas? Thanks for any input!

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Thank you for response.

Single account for now, though that is indeed a valid thing to consider!

I think my thoughts for splitting were also for possible optimizations in case of sector size, chunk size for specific types of files. Or would that be unnecessary / too much effort and not enough gain?


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