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  1. Thank you for response. Single account for now, though that is indeed a valid thing to consider! I think my thoughts for splitting were also for possible optimizations in case of sector size, chunk size for specific types of files. Or would that be unnecessary / too much effort and not enough gain?
  2. Hello, I was wondering what would be a better option for backups.... One large drive or multiple smaller ones? Was anyone else considering this as well? Got any ideas? Specifics of my case: - using Google Drive - I will have three "types" of files to backup, one is mostly smaller files, one is many 1MB - 10MB files and the last will be larger backups varying from 50 to 500MB per file. - I use two computers with two CouldDrive licences, one of the types would mostly be used on one, another on second one and last would be long term archival storage. This is what lead me to the this question, if I should split it or disconnect/reconnect all the time. Any ideas? Thanks for any input!
  3. You don't have to use the select box, just type in whatever you want.
  4. Nope, I started testing CloudDrive on .802 so it was "brand new" drive. Before I saw the newer release I did try reauthorizing, detaching wasn't possible because of files waiting to upload (possibly "force detach" could help, or break it, didn't feel lucky there...). But as the new update required a restart of the system anyway, it all started working again.
  5. The drive in question was put at 10TB (no particular reason, just wanted to try what happens with that size ). I've been testing it a bit more, so far it was actually pretty good. I wonder though if the default automatic pinning of metadata and directory structure is there for any specific reason related to Google Drive.... Because right now I have reached this problem: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2228-google-drive-rate-limits-and-threadingexp-backoff/?p=18212
  6. I have a different problem, .802 build: 1:12:23.9: Warning: 0 : [ApiGoogleDrive:48] Google Drive returned error (quotaExceeded): The download quota for this file has been exceeded 1:12:24.0: Warning: 0 : [ApiHttp:48] HTTP protocol exception (Code=Forbidden). 1:12:24.0: Warning: 0 : [IoManager:48] HTTP error (Forbidden) performing I/O operation on provider. 1:12:24.0: Warning: 0 : [IoManager:48] Error performing I/O operation on provider. Retrying. The download quota for this file has been exceeded Not sure what to do with this, upload is stuck, logs don't show anything else since...
  7. No. After attaching and showing up in system, I looked at the drive root and it automatically started "pinning data" on it's own. That ended up being 500MB of pinned data. This is why I was worried this huge block of data is necessarry to download after each attaching and that it could be the size of tens of gigabytes on a larger drive. Anyway, after unchecking Pin metadata and leaving Pin directories, it still does that but fortunately it's a lot less data. Overall I find the whole "Pinning data" procedure somewhat mysterious and I wish it was explaining a bit more why it downloads what it downloads. I had the PC on overnight, the cloud drive was not touched by anything ( I don't even have windows search indexing service on), yet the first thing I saw in the morning was "Pinning data" - why when nothing was done to the drive? Thanks for more specific explanation for attaching. So can I assume that attaching let's say full 10TB drive won't take something like 10-20 minutes, but some time not much longer than current drive with 10GB?
  8. Greetings, I'm looking for your opinion regarding CloudDrive and how it matches what I'm looking for. I'll try to keep it brief. I'm currently testing CloudDrive with Google Drive provider, which is what I would eventually use if I decide to go for it. I want an encrypted cloud drive that would act as a normal drive on my system. So far it's a match. I would also like to use said cloud drive on multiple systems, though not simultaneously. The idea is to use it on a home computer when I'm home and on a work computer when I'm not. Now I know CloudDrive has the detach option, but every reattaching seems to take time and download loads of data. I assume that data is some sort of metadata and similar. After it shows up in system, it also starts downloading and "pinning data", which I guess is more detailed filesystem info. What I don't understand is it's size - already at 500 MB with 11.7 GB of data on the drive. What size would it be if I had 1 TB, 10 TB, 100 TB? How long would it actually take to attach and start to use it then? Is it even built for such usecase? If it isn't, what can I do apart from lowering my expectations? Thank you for any opinions!
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