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Catastrophic Failure.. data in cloud not accessible.


Hey, guys, I had a CloudDrive on Google with multiple Terabytes of Data, and while attached it no longer is displaying my files. 

Here are the actions I took before this happened.

1) Ordered SSD to use as SSD Cache Drive for DrivePool

2) Installed SSD, but wasn't being detected --> restarted 2 times until I saw drive available in device manager, but not assigned letter/partition

3) On the 3rd restart, opening Disk Management (W10) Prompt came up for unidentified drive asking if I wanted MBR or GPT --> Opted for GPT, but drive did not appear in Disk Management, 2nd restart produced the same thing

4) Manually assigned drive through DiskPart utility, first Selected drive, set as MBR --> Active, then format and assign | Changed mind, and cleaned, set as GPT and manually formatted a small space so it would appear in DiskManagement

5) Drive appeared with 100MB Allocated, and the rest unallocated ---> deleted all volumes, formatted and assigned drive Letter

6) Annexed SSD to DrivePool and everything seemed fine and dandy, so I unassigned the Drive Letter

7) Noticed that after restarting my computer 5-6 times, the Cloud Drive wasn't being mounted anymore

8) Drive displayed mounted but wasn't in explorer. Re-authorized and restarted... nothing

9) Detached Drive, RevoUninstall CloudDrive --> restarted Computer

10) Installed again, attached drive/encryption... drive still didn't appear in Explorer

11) Checked Disk Management and saw that the last disk "7" was unallocated/unassigned... trying assigning Drive Letter without formatting but it didn't work with CloudDrive

12) Had to format "CloudDrive" drive so a drive letter would show up and Mount on Explorer Window

13) RevoUninstalled --> Restart --> Install latest Beta

14) Attached Drive "mounting, looking for data on Provider" ---> Mounted, but no files accessible

15) My Drive is mounting with my encryption key, and CloudDrive displays the Data occupying the CloudDrive along with the free space, but explorer window says otherwise

16) Ran CHDISK through Properties --> Tools, No errors? Drive mounts, but no files show up

The drive is being mounted and it's apparently looking for the Data, but it's not displaying said files and the occupation of the drive in the Virtual Drive that's created. Creating another drive works fine, but I'm trying to access the files I painstakingly already uploaded... When I check the CloudPart folder the cache files that are numerically named and allocated with space are small. 

I don't know what's going on.. but I just lost all my data for no reason at all?

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Unfortunately, it sounds like the SSD that you were using was/is bad, or at least having serious issues.

Because if that, it sounds like it nuked some of the data and corrupted the CloudDrive cache and drive. 

Data recovery would be the best option here. if not the only option, unfortunately. 

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