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Other product mentioned in the Oct 17 thread


oK, It's been almost two months, what's this other product mentioned in the OCT 17 Road Map post?  I'm holding off on doing a few things waiting for the announcement of this new product, the suspense is killing me. Ok not quite killing me, but I'm curious to say the least. 


I've been thinking about how I can better communicate what is in store for each of our products, there are 3 now and another one in the works. Starting today I'll be setting up topics in each forum that I'll be updating on a regular basis. Each post will maintain what the future holds for each product.


I try to keep a lot of the development driven by user feedback, but most of that feedback doesn't happen in the public forum (but usually in tech support tickets). I'd just like to take this opportunity to highlight the direction that each product is heading in, a kind of roadmap.


I'll be setting up those posts today so look for them popping up soon in each respective forum.

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Well, I can say that I know what Alex was talking about. But I am not at liberty to discuss that.



Also, I do know that Alex meant to get to this a lot sooner but Reparse Point support was a LOT more complicated than it initially looked. So everything got delayed.  Hopefully everything should be back on track soon.

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