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Prefer existing folder option


I have been using drivepool for 2 years and I am extremely happy with it.

I don't use duplication or any of the balancer plug-ins. I simply use drivepool to pool all my disks together under one drive letter, and it does this amazingly well.

But I do miss one option which would make it even better and that would be for drivepool to prefer existing folders before creating new folders.

With that option activated a new folder would only be created if the folder does not exist or if the target disk is full.

If more than one folder already exists new files should go to the  least used disk with such a folder.


The reason for me wanting this feature is that in my Drivepool there are only two types of files:

* Files belonging to a season of a TV-Show (X:\TV\ShowName\SeasonNumber\)

* Files belonging to a Movie (X:\Movies\MovieName\)

If I have a disk failure I don't mind losing season 3 and 7 of a show or movie x, y and z. I can just suck it up and rip them from disk again. But losing random episodes or movie files would be a much bigger hazzle to restore.


I am aware of the Ordered File Placement plug-in and possibility to create multiple pools, but that is not really what I'm looking for.

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Unfortunately, for now, the Ordered File Placement is probably the closest that you'll get to this. 

The ability to keep folder contents on the same disk is something that has been requested a lot. But the problem is that we'd basically have to completely rewrite the balancing code from scratch, and it's already pretty complex.  It's something that may happen in the future, but not in the immediate future. 

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Indeed - Have a look at the General forum; I just added a reply to a long thread about this, where I give examples of complications.

Also, DrivePool will sometimes create a folder TEMPORARILY, when you place a file in it, and then move the file off to a different disk. The folder stays behind, so you could potentially end-up with your single season folder on multiple disks, where it is empty on all but 1 disk. So DrivePool cannot simply check for the existence of the folder, it would also have to see if it was empty or not (or else change the code a little to delete empty folders when it balances the contents somewhere else, which it does not do right now).

Anyway, it's pretty complicated.

Something that could help is to run Quinn's excellent Drive Pool Generate CSV (see here). Just schedule it in Task Scheduler and it will regularly create a CSV file of where all your files are. This way you can quickly find-out what you have lost should a disk go bad (you'll need a spreadsheet program).


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