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Add exception to Scanner plugin?


I might have a niche case here, but maybe others would benefit as well.

I run Server 2016 with deduplication on one of my volumes.  All of my backup jobs go there, and I get pretty good deduplication savings from all of the fulls and diffs.  For ease of management, this drive is a part of my pool.  I also run Scanner, and I know it will evacuate a drive if it detects SMART errors (a great feature).  However, in this case if I try to move all of my backups off the deduplicated volume, it will need to rehydrate them all.  Due to the savings, I'll need an extra TB to place them all elsewhere in the pooled drives.  I'd like to be able to exclude this drive from this particular plugin.  If I lose my backups due to a SMART error, no big deal.

I guess I could also exclude the drive from the pool altogether and just run my backups to a separate drive... but I figured I'd ask if this were already possible with Drivepool.

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Unfortunately, no, there isn't an option to do that.  It's either all or nothing.

However, in the settings for this balancer, you could set it to ONLY do this for unduplicated data.  This would move out only data that doesn't exist on another disk in the pool.  
It may not be ideal, but it may be better for your setup. 


Also, make sure that you're on the RC (or beta) build, if you're using deduplication. 

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Thanks, I figured that might be the case.  No big deal.  I use SnapRAID for protection, so no duplication in my pool.

Now, what's the best way for me to remove the drive from the pool without rehydrating all of the data?  I'd like to just keep the contents of this drive as they are and just remove it from the pool.  I'm thinking I should just power down, pull it out, then remove the drive from Drivepool when the server reboots.  I can then move the files out of the "poolpart" folder and back into root of that drive.


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