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Scan resets?


I have a couple of the popular 8TB WD external drives pooled together as the offline backup for my NAS.  I bring them on every few weeks to sync my NAS data to them, so they're off most of the time.  With that in mind, they're never scanned by Scanner.  In addition, whenever a scan actually starts, they overheat and throttle the drive anyway.  I decided to put them "through the wringer" and cool them with a fan so I could complete a scan and see how they do.  Unfortunately, after a few hours, the scan will restart on a drive and start over at 0%.  At an average read speed of ~130MB/sec, one will take ~18 hours to scan.  Any idea why the drive resets?  It doesn't seem to drop off or lose USB connectivity.

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Sorry for the issue.  This is a handling/render issue.

If you double click on the drive, and check the scan map, .....  It's not resetting.  It's just the progress for the current section.  So when it stops, it basically resets the percentage. 

This is "fine", since we use "read maps", and track what sections of the disk as scanned when.  


So, it should scan the disks, fully. Eventually.


That said, if you want, you can open up Disk Settings and disable the surface scan option. if you want. 

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