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Establishing a pool over existing drives

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So, it's finally time to pool.

A bit of background concerning my system. For a couple years now I've run a media server off of a collection of six 4TB drives, splitting them into manually backed-up pairs for 12TB of storage. It's about time to upgrade for space, and I'm finally fed up with how much of a hassle balancing media can be as shows come back and suddenly a relatively stable drive starts getting filled. Now, my original plan is to simply wipe my backup drives, set them up as a drive pool, move my media from my production drives to the new pool, and then expand the pool over the production drives.

This sounds like a long and annoying affair, and as such I've been hesitant about it.

But doing some research, I came upon this article, http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489, which if I'm understanding right suggests there is a method involving keeping my drives as is, adding them to a pool, and letting the manager move and rebalance without shifting 12TB back and forth. Is this still a valid option, and if so, is this wiki still correct? If this can be done without my mundane plan then I'll buy a license right now.

Cheers for the assistance! o7


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Yup, we highly recommend the "quick and dirty" method.  It works well, and is still valid.  

Nothing has changed in regards to how we store the files, so by all means, do this and buy a license (I may be biased though ;) )


My recommendation is to enable duplication though. This does take up twice the amount of space for the data (as each file is stored on two different disks), but it means that if one fails, you don't lose a bunch of files.  And I know you can just re-get them, in many cases... but not always, or not quickly. 

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