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Drives disappearing


Using beta, I've been noticing at random times in file explorer it will show the drivepool, but it won't list how much space is available (X GB Free of X GB), along with all the other physical drives.  Eventually explorer freezes.  Drivepool also appears to be stuck on 35% duplicating Metadata, as that has it checked for 3 & I'm not duplicating anything else.

In the system, there are 8 drives.  4 - 8 TB Easy store.  5 TB Seagate, 6 TB Seagate & 2 - 4 TB HGST Green

I'll reboot & the drives come back for about an hour & the same issue again.  I have tried swapping sata cables on all the drives with new ones to see if that was an issue.  Scanner & HD Sentiental both say there are nothing wrong with the drives

The reason I'm mentioning the issue on here was when I unplugged some of the drives & drivepool is not doing anything except saying drives are missing, I didn't have any issues with drives disappearing whatsoever.

A few minutes ago, I uninstalled 870 & trying the released version (I think its 2.1.561) to see if I have better luck.

Also was adding of duplication of metadata fairly recently added, as I haven't seen it duplicate that before, even when trying some of the betas on other machines?




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