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Adding SSD to pool for Cache



Hi All,


I'm trying to boost performance of my drive pool, is it possible to add a SSD cache and if so would it boost the read and write speeds (I know its not true speeds). I'm hoping for things like copying files onto the pool that it would first write them onto the cache and then move it onto the pool.


Let me know if this is possible, I can always test it out to see what the performance is like with a SSD cache.



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Absolutely. In fact, we have a Balancer Plugin that is actually designed to facilitate that too!

It's called the "Archive Optimizer" Balancer.







With this plug-in you designate one or more disks as special Feeder disks.
Feeder disks will receive all new files created on the pool.
It will be the balancer's job to move all the files from the Feeder disks to the Archive disks in the background.
You can use this plug-in to designate one or more fast disks as special feeder disks in order to improve write performance.
* Any time the feeder disks will have data on them your pool condition will be below 100% because those files have been scheduled to be moved off those disks on the next balancing run. This is normal.
* If you are using duplicated files, then you should specify at least 2 Feeder disks or else the system will fall back to an Archive disk (for one of the 2 file parts) when creating a new duplicated file.
* Because this plug-in is very specialized, it should generally be used by itself.
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