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Drive is performing recovery forever...


Hello guys,
So, I came home from work today and found out that there was power in my area. I turned on my devices and my PC booted without any problem. After launching Clouddrive I got a message: 

"This drive is performing recovery" and "Recovering..." on bar, at the bottom. So... I had a local cache of about 50 GB and on RAID5 partition and clouddrive's reading data at 240 MB/s constantly. So far it read 3,54 TB and counting... can't see the end of it, it's still recovering and it got me nowhere close to mounting my drive. What can I do except waiting? It already took hours...

Can't I just decide I don't care about local cache recovery (there was nothing important for sure) and just mount the drive without recovering? Chunks are still on my GDrive so, theoretically, drive should be fine.

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First, yikes on the power outage.  


As for the recovery, this is a required process, to ensure that there was no corruption due to the power loss. 

The manual covers some of this: http://stablebit.com/Support/CloudDrive/Manual?Section=Recovering from Errors

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