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Google Drive & Cache Errors





I'm kind of new to CloudDrive but have been using DrivePool and Scanner for a long while and never had any issues at all with it. I recently set up CloudDrive to act as a backup to my DrivePool (I dont even care to access it locally really). I have a fast internet connection (Google Fiber Gigabit), so my uploads to Google Drive hover around 200 Mbps and was able to successfully upload about 900GB so far. However my cache drive is getting maxed out. I read that the cache limit is dynamic, but how can I resolve this as I dont want CloudDrive taking up all but 5 GB of this drive. If I understand correctly all this cached data is basically data that is waiting to be uploaded? 


Any help would me greatly appreciated!



My DrivePool Settings:



My CloudDrive Errors:





The cache size was set as Expandable by default, but when I try to change it, it is grayed out. The bar at the bottom just says "Working..." and is yellow.


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You might want to uncheck #5 in Drive Pool also.

The plugins work believe me.  But they can work too good.

#5 Will keep checking your Google Drive and will give you an error.  Can't say why so much as I think it has to do with the Throttle or Limits of the Google Space.

Mine quieted down when I unchecked it.  Having a fast connection works great too I can pump about a TB a day to different acounts.


Best advise is to Set a key to your drive to keep Google from peeking at your stuff. They do watch their servers and will ban you.  I know, got the email and have been banned from the regular Google Drive.  I had to get an account from another source.


Also notice your error about the throttling.  Google does like Amazon and has a 750GB per account Throttle or so it seems.

I stopped beating my head against that wall.

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