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Scanner hangs system after installation

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Sorry if this post isn't in the correct location.


I puchased the DrivePool and Scanner combo some time ago, but only now found the time to install the Scanner. The version I installed was the latest Beta. After installation the Scanner gui appeared, but never could start and connect to the service. Taking the advice on the gui, I rebooted the system. The reboot seemed to work as expected. I was able to login after the boot, but the OS only seemed to start only a small subset of services and apps before hanging. I was forced to power off the computer by the 'big' switch. After finding the same behavior after restarting the system, the only way to recover control was to boot into Safe Mode and disable the Scanner's service. Unfortunately during all this, my Raid 5 array ended up being flagged as 'dirty' and it only now finished rebuilding the array after 26 hours. I downloaded the Direct I/O test utility and was able to query all the recognized drives successfully without incident.


As you can imagine, I am hesitant to try this again, but I would really like to add the Scanner to my server and get the benefits it offers.


I have read about modifying the registry and forcing a crash dump. Is there no other way to proceed? This server has a number of attached drives via different connection types and it minds the store over approximately 20TB of data.


Many thanks and any and all information, suggestions, etc.

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What you describe is definitely not normal nor typical.


I'm assuming you have NOT set up an advanced configuration files to enable UnsafeDirectIo (as that could cause this behavior). If you have, disable it temporarily (rename it).



If you haven't.... Well, I'm guessing that the RAID array was marked dirty because of booting into safemode.  A better option would be to set the StableBit Scanner service to "Manual". That way, it only loads when you want it to. And that way, I am sure you'd rather not, but could you get a crash dump of the system when it's hanging like this? So we can see what is going on?




And that RAID5 array? Is it done via Software (aka Disk Management) or is done on a hardware controller? 

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No, I performed no advanced configuration. I just did a normal install while accepting the defaults.


Yes, the raid array was marked dirty because of forcing a power off after the hang. I knew this would happen, but I had no choice. The raid I am using is built in to the motherboard (Intel on an Asus MB).


The Scanner's service is still set to manual, but I did try starting it once after regaining control. The behavior was the same, another hang, and I had to force another power off.


If the only way to proceed is to force a crash dump, I'll consider it after Thanksgiving is over.



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For what it is worth, I have run every test I can think of, memory, cpu, disk i/o, chkdsk, Spinrite on level 2 and 4. If you can think of anything else, please let me know.


I run nightly backups and replicate across two different disk array, so I have protection, but it is always scary forcing a power off which you can bet will corrupt the raid information causing a rebuild.


Thanks again!

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There shouldn't be, no.


But anything that creates a virtual disk *may*. Or it may be remotely possible if it installs a file system filter (http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q2159701)

But aside from those.... there shouldn't be anything that adversely affects it, especially like this.

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Do these look normal?

Filter Name                     Num Instances    Altitude    Frame
------------------------------  -------------  ------------  -----
SiFilter                                        429998.99   <Legacy>
aswFsBlk                               21       388400         0
MBAMProtector                          19       328800         0
aswMonFlt                              22       320700         0
afcdp                                   0       281400         0
aswSnx                                 20       137600         0
luafv                                   1       135000         0
FileInfo                               22        45000         0

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Well, that indicates taht you have Malware Bits and Avast installed, right? It *could* be an interaction between the three.  


Try disabling them temporarily, and see if that fixes the issue. If it does, try starting one, and see if the issue comes back. And if you can verify which is causing the issue, let us know.

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You are correct. I'll do as you suggested as soon as Thanksgiving is past. If the server I am trying this on wasn't serving the entire house for multiple needs, I would try it now, but I don't want to take a chance because we will be having family and friends over.


Do you know if Malware Bytes and Avast have been tested alongside Scanner before?


Many thanks for the input. I'll be trying it soon!

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