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DrivePool as Cloudrive cache ?




I did a 4 disk drivepool(2ssd +2hdd). Some reason i can't add that drivepool hdd to cloudrive cache drive.


Can it be done or it is not intended for use like this ?


Cloudrive latest and drivepool latest stable(trial)

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It's disabled by default.


One of the main reasons for this is that the cache will ALWAYS be in use.  So if the files need to be balanced, it won't ever happen, as DrivePool cannot balance files that are in use.


Additionally, if there are duplication issues (or you change the duplication level), this won't get resolved until you detach the drive and reattach it.



So, it's bad UX to allow the cache on the pool.



That said, there is an advanced setting that does allow you to do this. It's disabled by default for the reasons above, but if you enable it, and reboot the system, you will then be able to place the cache on Pool.





Again, we do HIGHLY recommend against this.

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