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      If you're experiencing problems with the software, the best way to get ahold of us is to head to https://stablebit.com/Contact, especially if this is a licensing issue.    Issues submitted there are checked first, and handled more aggressively. So, especially if the problem is urgent, please head over there first. 
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Stablebit CloudDrive and SyncBackPro


I use SyncBackPro to schedule files to be copied to my cloud drive nightly.  One thing I can't get to work correctly is if I want to setup a schedule to move files from one folder on my clouddrive to another folder in the same clouddrive, SyncBackPro wants to re-upload the files instead of just move them "in-place" like moving in windows explorer works.  What's the function called when you move files from one location to another on the same cloud drive and not trigger a re-upload?  I've searched for the answer to this problem but i'm not getting anywhere since i'm not sure what terminology to use.

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move or copy?


If it's move, then "smart move" is the term you're looking for.


And this should happen if it's on the same drive (eg from D:\path to D:\newpath).

However, this may still trigger an upload, as the NTFS "MFT" (File allocation table) is updated and that change must be updated.

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